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Empowering founders to unleash their innovative, social mission-driven technologies into the world, compliantly and strategically.

Jamilia Grier,
Founder & CEO, ByteBao

What makes us different?

A keen focus on technology and innovation.

Our team has deep expertise in technology and understands the underlying technical aspects of our clients' businesses. This allows us to provide tailored legal advice that is specifically designed to meet the needs of technology companies.
Web3 and blockchain expertise
High-tech data privacy protection
Secure document management

Solutions specifially designed for your business.

We take a hands-on, operational approach with our clients, working closely with them to understand their unique needs and challenges. This allows us to provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.
Personalized consultations
Flexible pricing options
Quick response times

Agile team structure to propel your business.

As a boutique consulting firm, we are able to move quickly and adapt to changing circumstances. This means that we are able to provide fast and efficient legal services that are tailored to our clients' needs.
Diverse industry backgrounds
Collaborative problem-solving
Streamlined decision-making

Cross-functional solutions

Our team brings together lawyers with expertise in different areas, such as technology law, corporate law, and intellectual property law. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide comprehensive legal advice that takes into account all relevant legal aspects.
Business , legal and technical
Seamless client solution
Integrated approach

A true commitment to client satisfaction

We understand that our clients are looking for legal services that provide value. That's why we work hard to provide high-quality legal services at a reasonable cost. We are committed to being transparent and open about our fees and to providing our clients with predictable costs.
Tailored legal strategies
Transparent communication
Results-oriented approach
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Our Values -
Protecting Web3 and emerging technology

At ByteBao, we're committed to helping web3 startups succeed. We believe that access to expert legal support should not be a barrier to entry in the industry, and that startups of all sizes and budgets should be able to get the help they need to build successful businesses.
We also believe that innovation thrives in environments that are built on trust, respect, and collaboration. Our mission is to protect innovation by providing affordable and accessible legal compliance solutions to startups in the web3 space. We recognize the unique challenges faced by underrepresented groups in the industry and we strive to be a supportive and inclusive partner in helping startups achieve success..
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A global approach for tech companies.

The world of technology is no longer housed in one country.  Blockchain technology and decentralized networks have made a global-first approach the default for emerging tech companies. After years of working all around the Asia Pacific region, I realized the importance of a global strategy, particularly when it comes to data and technology. I created ByteBao to bring strategies of global business to the forefront of the emerging tech landscape.

At ByteBao, our goal is to help tech companies scale with confidence by providing sound legal and business guidance rooted in staying on top of tech trends and understanding what is happening around the world. Our clients trust us to craft customized solutions for their business in fast-paced industries like Web3 and blockchain so that they can focus on day-to-day operations.

Jamilia Grier

Jamilia Grier, Founder & CEO of ByteBao is  also host of Barely Legal in Web3, a podcast providing quick takes on Web3 and emerging technology news. She also serves as a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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