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Why Legal Compliance in Web3?

Web3 is the next stage of web evolution that will make the internet accessible to everyone at any time. This shift aims to give control of data and ownership back to individual content creators, startups, and small businesses through the use of blockchain technology. This is a welcoming change for web users, however, Web3’s independence from any central governing authority, currently creates confusion around legal jurisdiction.

ByteBao is Web3’s first decentralized legal ecosystem with a mission to protect digital innovations with world-class legal and compliance resources. Our global team of attorneys and legal experts helps clients comply with legal, ethical, and regulatory standards relevant to blockchain-powered technology. We also support and train Web3 attorneys so they can explore projects and careers at the intersection of Web3 technology and the legal field.

Who we serve

In Web3, where nothing is centralized, governments and companies need to know how to navigate through this developing technology and the risks involved. ByteBao helps companies operating on blockchain ensure their rights are protected and that they are compliant with existing regulations where their business is operating. We also train lawyer on how to provide the best legal support to DAOs, cryptocurrency platforms, and Web3 startups.

Our founder

Jamilia Grier is a serial expat and attorney-entrepreneur who has spent over a decade in Asia, leading legal and compliance teams in multinational companies and Fortune 50 corporations.

After years of being in corporate, Jamilia realized that even the biggest companies in the world were generally too slow to adopt new technology.  She then found an opportunity to be on the cutting edge in tech, not just as a lawyer, but as a builder. In 2021, she founded ByteBao to become the first Web3 ecosystem aimed to help startups maintain innovation and brand reputation through compliance.

Jamilia also leads a social networking group of women in Dubai called the Bitcoin Baddies of Dubai. It opens opportunities for women to learn and build Web3 businesses while enjoying cocktails on rooftops. You can join their next ‘Crypto Glam’ event here.

Jamilia Grier sitting

"ByteBao isn't a traditional law firm. It is an ecosystem of people who truly care about protecting and promoting Web3 technology ethically and compliantly."

Jamilia Grier

ByteBao, Founder & CEO

ByteBao Attorneys

When Jamilia founded ByteBao as a legal and business consulting firm focused on Web3, it was tough to gather all of the information she needed to be able to service clients. She then took courses and dove deep into learning resources. That’s when she realized that there was a huge shortage of not just resources, but also of Web3 attorneys around the world.

At its core, ByteBao is an ecosystem of lawyers who are educated, skilled and passionate about working in Web3. ByteBao Attorneys completely understand Web3 technology and all the legal considerations around it. Our lawyers specialize in servicing clients and businesses dealing with NFTs, DAO legal structuring, and cryptocurrencies, supporting them on regulatory challenges, governance, ownership, and risk management.

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Web3 Community for Lawyers

Within the ByteBao community, we offer courses, resources, and externship programs for lawyers and legal students who want to learn how to service Web3 clients. Our Web3 Bootcamp is an 6-week intensive learning program focusing on preparing lawyers and getting them ready to service the next wave of Web3 clients.

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Our Global Presence

While our team of experts is available globally, ByteBao’s international headquarters are located in the US, Dubai, and Singapore.

US Address

340 South Lemon Ave
Unit #7133
Walnut, CA 91789

Dubai Address

Business Centre 1 , Floor M,
Meydan Hotel, Dubai ,
United Arab Emirates

Singapore Address

7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 ,
Suntec Tower One ,
Singapore  038987

ByteBao is a leading Web3 law firm that helps clients comply with legal, ethical, and regulatory standards relevant to the blockchain-powered Web space.