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ByteBao is a team of experienced lawyers and risk professionals who are passionate about providing world-class services to technology startups and small and medium businesses. We have a hands-on approach with our clients and are dedicated to understanding their business and the underlying technology.  With a focus on technology and a deep understanding of the industry, ByteBao has the expertise to help startups navigate the legal landscape and achieve their business goals

Our Practice Areas: Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Tech-Driven Businesses

Regulatory Compliance

With extensive knowledge of compliance issues, including anti-money laundering, data privacy, and corporate governance, we provide our clients with practical advice to mitigate risk and avoid legal issues. We also assist clients with audits, investigations, and enforcement actions. At our core, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve regulatory compliance and long-term success.


We provide guidance on a range of issues, including internal controls, board composition, and stakeholder engagement, and assist clients with developing policies and procedures that ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With our hands-on approach, we are committed to helping our clients achieve long-term success while maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.

Privacy & Data Security

Our privacy and data security practice area helps clients stay compliant with data protection regulations and develop effective strategies to manage data privacy and security risks. We assist clients in developing privacy policies, responding to data breaches, and navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding data protection.

Cross-Border Data Flows

Our cross-border data flows practice helps clients navigate the legal, regulatory, and compliance issues associated with cross-border data transfers. We assist clients with the drafting and negotiation of data transfer agreements, compliance with data protection laws, and addressing cross-border data flow issues that arise in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other commercial transactions.

Corporate Transactions

Our corporate law practice area covers everything from formation to mergers and acquisitions, helping businesses navigate complex legal issues and make informed decisions that align with their goals.

International Trade

The International Trade  practice area provides legal guidance to clients who engage in cross-border business transactions, particularly those involving goods, services, and technology. We advise clients on compliance with international trade and economic sanctions regulations, and export controls.

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