Are you ready to join Web3's legal army?

In our Web3 bootcamp, learn how to service Web3 clients through live courses, small-group discussion and capstone projects in a 6-week intensive learning experience.

Creative legal thinking means value to clients

In 6 immersive weeks, learn legal issues currently facing Web3 clients today and how to structure Web3 businesses while minimizing risk. Analyze real cases, and make complex decisions using existing legal principles on emerging Web3 technology.

Who is eligible to join?

Although we do have a selection process, our program is open to any legal professional interested to learn and understand the various business models in Web3 today also with their evolving legal challenges. This includes:

  • Practicing attorneys licensed in any jurisdiction world-wide

  • Graduates of any law school program - Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Law (LLM) degree holders

Career development and professional networking

Learn with other passionate lawyers

Learn along side other lawyers who are just as passionate about Web3 legal issues.

Professional Networking

Connect with innovative entrepreneurs and corporations at the cutting edge of Web3 technology.

Our corporate partners

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Download the May 2022 Bootcamp Syllabus

Take a sneak peak into the topics covered in the May 2022 cohort.

Download the syllabus


During an 8-week virtual program, learn from and hold discussions with a practitioner in Web3, Jamilia Grier, Founder & CEO of ByteBao. Learn how she advises some of the top NFT collections and DAOs on governance and risk.

A Global Community

Join a journey with professionals from all over the world as you learn about best practices in solving legal issues in Web3 from major markets around the world.


Included in cost of the bootcamp is a 1-hour professional development call with Jamilia Grier to plan discuss your career in Web3.

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  • In 2023, there will be cohorts in January, March, April, September and November.

  • Gain confidence in your understanding of crypto, NFTs, and other Web3 technology

  • Participation in the capstone project where you gain hands-on experience working with a Web3 company

  • Mentorship and professional networking within the ByteBao for your Web3 career

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I obtain legal work from ByteBao without attending the Web3 Bootcamp?
How are the classes structured?
Why do I have to apply?
When will I have a decision about my application?
What is the time commitment?
How is ByteBao different from other Web3 bootcamps?

"When I first started my journey into Web3, there were no resources for attorneys. I first learned how the technology worked and then learned how to apply my work experience as in-house counsel to major corporations to help startups.

It wasn't easy and there is still a lot to learn in terms of supporting this innovation. However, in small groups and working closely with startups, we can create a framework that benefits our clients and also supports attorneys as they learn how to best protect their clients interests."

Jamilia Grier

ByteBao, Founder & CEO

ByteBao is a leading Web3 law firm that helps clients comply with legal, ethical, and regulatory standards relevant to the blockchain-powered Web space.