Legal Externship Program

Get a jumpstart on your legal career in Web3 with ByteBao.

Real learning outside of the classroom

Our externship program helps law students advance their legal training within an entrepreneurial Web3 ecosystem. Through supporting legal matters,
working with Web3 clients, and engaging in a global professional network, students are able to build a career path tailored to their interests in Web3.

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Build on your Legal and Web3 Skills

Our program is open to law students seeking to learn and understand the various business models in Web3 and their evolving legal challenges.

A Fully Remote Work Experience

Our externship program is fully remote. Externs collaborate with global employees, partners and clients using online tools and video conferencing.

Career Development & Mentorship

In addition to sharpening legal skills and Web3 knowledge, externs will also learn:

- how to identify and pursue learning goals for for their legal career;

- how to reflect upon experiences and apply what is learned from them to future problems;

- how to develop an effective supervisory relationship and build a professional network;

- how to be guided by personal and professional values in determining the approach they will take to the practice of law and the type of legal practice to pursue;

- and how to identify and navigate issues of ethics and professionalism.

Apply Here for the Legal Externship Program

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"When I first started my journey into Web3, there were no resources for attorneys. I first learned how the technology worked and then learned how to apply my work experience as in-house counsel to major corporations to help startups.

It wasn't easy and there is still a lot to learn in terms of supporting this innovation. However, in small groups and working closely with startups, we can create a framework that benefits our clients and also supports attorneys as they learn how to best protect their clients interests."

Jamilia Grier

ByteBao, Founder & CEO