Minimizing Risk for Digital Asset Businesses

Join this one-hour webinar on November 15, 2023 at 11:30 am (ET) and learn best practices and strategies in legal entity structuring for Web3 and emerging tech companies.

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Why Attend?

Web3 is a dynamic industry and setting up your startup the right way is crucial. Join our webinar to learn straightforward strategies in risk minimization, used by Fortune 500 companies, to build your Web3 business on solid ground.

Understand the pitfalls

Understand the challenges Web3 startups face and why they need special attention.

Strategies of Big Players

Discover methods used by major companies to ensure they're legally protected.

Success Stories

Dive into real case studies to see the difference the right legal setup can make, and get a glimpse of our 10-week program to set you on the right path.

Meet & Learn

Get insights from our Founder & CEO, Jamilia Grier, leveraging over 15 years of global compliance strategies in tech and data.