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Connect with experienced web3 lawyers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the tech industry. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the latest regulations and trends, and can provide tailored advice that's specific to your startup's needs.

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Our lawyers are global and able to address issues from any jurisdiction. Whether you're based in San Francisco, Singapore or Sao Paulo, our lawyers can provide expert advice on the legal issues that matter to you.

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"I was struggling to find the right legal support for my web3 startup. My business was complex and required real expertise, but I didn't have the budget for large international law firms. That's when I discovered ByteBao, and it was a game-changer. Within minutes of signing up, I was able to connect with a lawyer who had the knowledge and experience I needed. Not only did I get a quick answer to my question, but I was also able to meet and connect with several lawyers on the platform. ByteBao has been an invaluable resource for my startup, and I highly recommend it to any founder in the web3 space who needs expert legal advice and support".

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ByteBao is a platform that connects Web3 businesses with lawyers that specialize in digital assets and digital commerce. We also provide legal consulting services and training for legal professionals seeking to scale their digital assets practice.